Flower Girls

Sunflowers always make for a perfect scene for a summer photo shoot.

Sister Love

There is nothing better than a hug from your sister to get you smiling for a photo.

Play Time

This image was captured during a recent outing with the kids. It was very hot and everyone was ready to leave, but we still needed a final shot. We decided to let the kids relax in the shade for a bit, and their little giggles made for a perfect capture.


Two sisters sitting together and enjoying the sights and sounds of the stream.


The unscripted smile of a child can light up even the darkest of forests.

Denim and Boards

There is no better setting for denim and plaid than in from of an old out-building.


This little man was not happy to take a picture, but all emotions are worth capturing and this image speaks volumes.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

A simple lighted background and the red bow in the girls hair really makes this image pop, but what makes it a great image, is the pure innocence in the smile.

Wonder what I'm getting for Christmas

A little girl lost in thought. Pondering the possibilities of what she might be getting for Christmas.


Not all twins are alike. These two are total opposites in almost every way. But don't let emotions stop you from capturing the moment.

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