A baby rabbit exploring the new world

This baby bunny had come out of hiding to explore. It didn't mind that I was near so I took the opportunity to take a few photos before letting it continue on its way.

Iguana in the grass

An iguana sunning itself in the grass at Fort Zachary Taylor in Key West, Florida.

Winter Sunset

Captured near Pekin, IL. This image shows the golden sunset setting behind a field of dry tall grass and snow.

Lonely Wanderer - Badlands National Park

A lone American Bison wanders through the field in Badlands National Park in South Dakota.

Bighorn Sheep - Badlands National Park

This image was captured in Badlands National park in South Dakota. This bighorn sheep was walking next the road and I decided to capture a photo of it. When I got out of the vehicle, it stopped to eat a bit.

Yellow Mounds - Badlands National Park

A photo of the Yellow Mounds of Badlands National Park in South Dakota

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